South Dakota Bill Would Require All to Own a Gun

A bill has been introduced by South Dakota legislators last week that would require all citizens of the State to purchase at least one gun.  The bill would require all persons, within 6 months of their 21st birthday, to buy a gun of their preference, suitable to their temperament, “sufficient to provide for their ordinary self defense”. 

The bill that was introduced by Republican representative Hal Wick from Sioux Falls and is sponsored by no less that 4 other legislators, is intended to point out the absurdity of ObamaCare.  Recognizing that the bill has no real chance of proceeding, Rep. Wick said that he is introducing the bill to prove a point that the federal health care reform mandate passed last year by Congress, is unconstitutional.  In fact the federal health care bill, signed by the ‘Bamster’, was actually ruled “unconstitutional” by a federal court judge in Florida on Monday.  The unfortunate part of that ruling is that the Obama administration is thumbing their collective noses at it, in contempt of court, thereby creating a constitutional crisis – but I digress.  

This bill is actually openly mocking the federal healthcare bill, and is a form of protest against ObamaCare, which requires every American to purchase health care insurance or face a penalty.  It is demonstrating absurdity with absurdity.  The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Hal Wick said that he knows the bill won’t get far.  “Do I or the other co-sponsors believe that the State of South Dakota can require citizens to buy firearms?  Of course not,” he said.  “But at the same time, we do not believe the federal government can order every citizen to buy health insurance.” 

Frankly, I like it.  We need more lawmakers like this that are able to think on their feet and use a little common sense when trying to combat the liberal left.  Give them back a little of their own whacked out thinking.  It is fun though, to think about the consequences of actually passing a bill like this.  For one thing, the crime rate would certainly go down – dramatically.  

The Gun Enthusiast

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  1. Jennifer

    I think I need to move to South Dakota.


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