Osama Bin Laden – Dead

Last night it was announced that United States Special Forces conducted a raid on a compound in north western Pakistan that resulted in the death of Public Enemy No. 1, Osama Bin Laden.  The man who has taken credit for the attacks on September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington D.C., and who created the terrorist group Al Qaeda, has been shot to death at his reported home.

The U.S. Navy Seals Special Operations team was given the green light to conduct the raid on the house in Abbotabad, Pakistan two days ago.  The operation centered on a house that is reportedly six times larger than surrounding houses in the area, and had fifteen foot high walls surrounding it with barbed wire.

Another curious aspect was that in spite of its size, the house had no telephone or obvious internet connectivity at all.  Abbotabad is about an hour northwest of Islamabad, the capitol of Pakistan.  Another curious aspect of the house was that it was only about 1000 feet away from a major Pakistani military training facility and Osama Bin Laden was supposedly never known to be there.  This will, no doubt, come under some close scrutiny in the days that follow.

As a gun enthusiast and an American, I am certainly proud of our military forces who executed this operation that yielded such a successful outcome.  My thoughts also go to the man who actually took the shot that went through Bin Laden’s head and what he might be thinking.  Most people are not necessarily proud of taking another human’s life, even if in war.  But this was the man who has been hated by most of the world – not just our country, but most of the modern world including many in Muslim countries.

This special ops Navy Seal who actually fired his weapon ending the decade long search for the most hated man in the world has got to be feeling pretty proud.  I’m sure his fellow members of his team are proud of him too knowing that any one of them would have proudly done the same thing.  But this man can never let it be known, outside of a small circle of team members, that he is the one who shot Bin Laden.

Robert Ford, the man who shot Jesse James in 1882 was certainly proud of his deed and went around the country telling the story of how he shot the notorious outlaw until he was shot dead 10 years later.

Pat Garrett, the man who shot Billy the Kid in 1881, was proud of his deed too, enough so that he also made the circuit making money off of the telling of his story.  He was also shot dead some twenty years later by an unknown assailant that many claim was in retaliation for the Billy the Kid shooting.

You can imagine that if the name ever got out as to the actual shooter of Osama Bin Laden, there would be plenty wacko Islamic extremists that like to take their revenge on him if they could find him.  It is for that reason that this proud American must forever keep to himself and his small circle of friends his true identity.  We Americans will be proud of him in our way, but never really know who this brave fighter really is.


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4 responses to “Osama Bin Laden – Dead

  1. Richard

    Another unsung hero who will never be forgotten but shall remain anonymous. Hoorah.


  2. michelle legg

    I would love to find someone out there who could share in the greif I’m experiencing over the the death of a very meek, gentle and submissive man who served God. I know what kind of government we got running here because I’ve been a victim of their cruel and hateful tactics toward anyone who is different than they are. Look back in 1935 when America was hanging and burning black people alive! For What! Everyone is blind to whats really going on in this world. Its to bad more people can’t step up and face the truth! We are living in another NAZI GERMANY! WAKE UP PEOPLE!


    • I have to believe that you are kidding and I’m just not getting it, because I don’t know of anyone in this country who isn’t absolutely giddy about the death of this maniacal murderer. The world is now safer with him feeding the fishes. While this country may have flaws, it is still the best one on earth.


  3. james m

    RIP Osama. We will never forget you


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