Update on California AB144

Note:   There is further information on this bill in our article Further Update on AB144

Earlier today AB 144, the bill that would make it illegal to openly carry firearms in California has passed the next hurdle on its way to the senate. In a vote of 4-2 it passed the Senate Public Safety Committee. The bill which is authored by Anthony Portantino (D. – La Cañada) will now be on its way to the Senate Appropriations Committee for fiscal consideration.

Open carry has always been legal in California without a permit. The primary consideration is that the gun must be unloaded. Other conditions are that you may not carry in school zones, post offices, state parks and government buildings. If this bill passes it will make it a misdemeanor to carry a weapon openly anywhere in California, that is punishable with 1 year in jail and/or a $1000 fine.

As we stated in our earlier post California’s AB 144 To Ban Open Carry, this bill will do nothing to take guns from criminals as they don’t care what laws are in place as they don’t follow them. Law abiding citizens will be the ones to take the brunt of this one though and they will now have no way to legally carry protection without a concealed carry permit. And CCW permits are almost impossible to obtain.

Please contact members of the California Senate and voice your opinion on this blatant attack on our Second Amendment rights.  For a complete list of California Senators click here.


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4 responses to “Update on California AB144

  1. Rick Rezabek

    I’ve just read AB144, per the June 1 Senate Amendment version. It appears the original bill has one BIG criteria, for Open Carry to be a misdemeanor – if the person is not in lawful possession of the handgun, as specified. (No gotchas in the definition of lawful possession, either).

    I know a future legislature can strike that clause easily, but the bill as written, does not prohibit us lawful handgun owners from unloaded open carry in CA.

    Doesn’t mean the average cop won’t make our life miserable.


    • I tried reading it myself early on and didn’t get that.

      I just took another look at it and see that you kind of exerpted the salient part and took it out of context. It says that it would make it a misdemeanor to openly carry a handgun… if the person at the same time possesses ammunition to fire the gun and if the person is not in lawful possession of the gun – meaning they are not legally permitted to have the gun, such as with a CCW or other license or exempted as it states elsewhere in the bill, like a security guard or peace officer.

      On the other hand, Portantino made this bill so hard to understand it’s hard for anyone to actually grasp its true meaning. I even saw a video clip where he bragged about making so confusing nobody will be able to figure it out. He did it on purpose. This needs to fail or die in committee.

      Although, if it does pass, it might lead the way to California becoming a “shall issue” state and make it easier to obtain a CCW. Otherwise, California will be clearly in defiance of the Second Amendment becaues we won’t be able to carry, or should I say “bear arms”, openly or concealed.



  2. Ed Freely

    The amended version still prohibits the right to bear arms. The ammo amendment means an increased sentence, that’s it. http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/11-12/bill/asm/ab_0101-0150/ab_144_bill_20110601_amended_sen_v97.html

    AB144 is a violation of the Constitution of the United States of America.


    • Yes, we recognize that this bill is unconstitutional which is why we have been opposing it so vigorously. It will be struck down in the courts, unless, and this is a big unless, the State changes its policy on concealed carry from “may issue” to “shall issue”. If they do that, the court may uphold the law because we will have an avenue by which we can “bear arms”, satisfying the Constitution.



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