Glock “Gen 4” Gun Review

The Glock polymer frame pistol has pretty much become the standard in the industry. Shortly after they were introduced they were adopted by the Austrian Army as their standard issue side arm. Not long after that, many police forces in the United States started adopting them as their side arm of choice. With all of this governmental acceptance,

Glock 17 Second Generation (Photo: Wikipedia)

Glock has become the standard by which others are judged. They recently introduced their fourth generation revision of the original which is sure to take its place alongside all previous issues as a reliable semi automatic pistol that should be in any collection.

The Glock has been modified several times beginning in 1988 when they introduced their second generation line in an effort to meet American ATF standards. Then again in 1991 their third generation line introduced an accessory rail that allowed the attachment of laser sights, and a loaded chamber indicator.

Gen 3 (lt) and Gen 4 (rt) (Photo: Wikipedia)

Glock introduced what is known as their “Gen 4” at the 2010 Shot Show in Las Vegas. Some of the most dramatic changes include a narrower design, multiple back straps to customize the fit to your hand, a new Rough Textured Grip, larger magazine release, and most dramatic is the dual recoil spring that reduces the recoil from earlier generations.

According to Guns America, “Whenever a tried and true model gets an update, everyone wants to know how you improve on something that already works pretty well as is”.

Guns America goes on:

If you have an earlier model, we need to ask ourselves, “In today’s economy, is this really worth putting my hard-earned money into?”

The Gen 4:

About a year ago, Glock launched what has now been dubbed the “Gen 4″ version of their pistols. It started in the full-size 9mm and .40 S&W pistols (Model 17 and 22), and has since progressed into the compact (19 and 23), the subcompact (G26 and 27) and now into the “Practical Tactical” models (35 & 34).

This new version of the Glock line has been both lauded by some, or “poo-poo’ed” by others, based on their viewpoints, and the early performance of the pistols.  The new Gen 4 pistols have a plethora of new goodies, such as new grip texturing, multiple back straps to adapt to different hand sizes, a new recoil system, and an enlarged / reversible magazine release for left-handed shooters.

The $64,000 question is:  Do any of the above improvements matter, or is it  (read the Guns America review)

We at Gun Enthusiast Speaks, feel that the improvements will work to further cement Glock’s place as the leader in polymer pistols.  The improvements are not superficial and those who have been disappointed by the amount of recoil from the lighter weight of a polymer frame pistol should be pleasantly surprised.  Lefties will enjoy the larger switchable magazine release, and women should embrace the smaller, thinner grip.  Again Glock is leading the way.

For more information of the Glock “Gen 4” you can visit the Glock website.

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