Original Content? What For?

Especially when all you have to do is copy what someone else has already written for you, why bother? It seems like most of all the other “most popular” blogs simply copy some other original content from some else’s blog or article anymore. And they are prolific – several posts a day. I must be going about this all wrong. Just rest your eyes and plagerize I say.

It appears that all you have to do is find some interesting subject matter somewhat close to your general line of blogging, start with a couple of sentences of your own and copy the rest. At least they usually put a link to the derivative post, but not always. But be careful you’re not copying a copy of a copy. But then who cares anyway?

I just read a blog post that was copied 100% from somewhere else. What’s more, it was featured in “Freshly Pressed” by WordPress. I thought I read somewhere in their guidelines for being selected, that you should use original content and original pictures, or at least give credit to the picture owner. They did have the original ‘by line’ but it was still copied 100%, including pictures.

I guess that’s why I particularly enjoy reading blogs by authors. There’s a good chance that they’re actually making up their own copy and writing it down. What a concept.

Granted, I have borrowed a line or two in the past because, well, sometimes there really is no better way to put it. But at least I do try to write down an original thought or two of my own or at least change the way an idea I read somewhere else is stated.

Even a lot of articles I find in the “mainstream” liberal media are just copied from some other source. I must be old fashioned – or I don’t get it – or both. Aw, who cares, no one is going to read this anyway.

Whew, I must be fired up. This makes two posts in one day for me. Of course, the first one took a couple of days to produce.


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