Governor ‘Moon Beam’ Signed AB 144 Into Law

Yes, over the weekend, California Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill that removes Californian’s right to openly carry a firearm.  AB 144, the confusing bill authored by Anthony Portantino (D. – La Cañada), will now become the law of land in California in January, unless it is struck down as ‘unconstitutional’ before then.

Make no mistake, this bill will eventually be struck down by the Court as it is a blatant “infringement” of our Constitutional right guaran-teed by the Second Amendment.  We just don’t know how quickly that will come about. It’s probably not going to happen before January 1st when the bill will actually become law.  Californians will then have no means by which they can legally “bear arms” short of a carry concealed weapon permit, and it is nearly impossible to obtain a CCW permit in California as the law is now.

The only way that the Court may leave this new law in place is if the State changes its CCW law from a “may issue” to a “shall issue” methodology.  Currently, concealed carry permits are issued by the Sheriff of each county at his discretion.  They are rarely granted except in extreme need cases, or as the law states, where a “determination of good cause” is made.  The Sheriffs of more rural counties are usually a little more liberal in the grants than are those of high population counties with major urban cities where they are the strictest in their standards for granting a permit.  Funny thing is, politicians are usually granted a CCW permit without question – the same people who are telling us that they don’t want us to be able to carry a firearm.

If the State does change their stance on concealed carry permits, then the Court may leave the new law banning open carry of unloaded firearms in place, as the ability to carry a firearm will be satisfied if we simply obtain a permit.  Only thing is, the liberals are never going to change their oppressive CCW law either.  As arrogant as they area, they’ll just wait until the court tells them just how wrong they are.



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9 responses to “Governor ‘Moon Beam’ Signed AB 144 Into Law

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  2. Sam Mcnoon

    Yes we have to take it to court!
    There is no case of a criminal act by onyone open carring in the history of CA!!!


  3. It’s such political crap that the same politicians who cry wolf carry weapons or hire bodyguards with guns. California will never change to a shall-issue state. Too many people are afraid of guns.
    And too many are misinformed.
    Just tonight I was met with astonishment when I stated that you don’t have to have a license to own a gun. *banging head*
    (GunShopGoddess here.) Am in a different account and too lazy to cut and paste and switch.


    • That’s right, you don’t need a license a license to own a gun, and until this new law was passed it used to be legal to open carry one just about anywhere. Sometimes, people who thought that it must be illegal would call the police on you if they noticed you carrying. Of course, the police would then have to educate them on the law. That’s probably why they passed this law. The Governor said that he “listened to the Police Chiefs” who encouraged him to sign it. It could be they were just tired of having to provide an education to the ignorant citizenry. 😉

      Thanks for your comment.



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  6. mexican

    HELLO im from oklahoma were open carry is legal and i sometimes open carry,, seems to me in order for any laws to be struck down or passed you calaforinies need to send a message to your governor
    and anthony portatino, i’d protest outside each one of thems door
    and vote his but out of office the people need to rise up.. who cares how the police feel they dont pass law nor can they change the constitution.. who cares if they cant sleep at night i have the right
    to protect myself and family,,,and no government shall take that away.


    • Well Mexican, you make some very good points. You can rest assured that we have protested the Governor and Portantino repeatedly. In fact it was after such protests that Portantino decided to push harder on his bill to the point he finally got it passed. As far as voting them out of office, while we would love to do that, we just seem to have too many Liberal Dems here in the ‘People’s Republik of Kalliforya’ for that to happen. We just increased the number of Dems in the Legislature this past November to the point they now have a ‘super majority’ of 2/3 to 1/3, so they can virtually do anything they want.

      It appears that this state is lost and it’s time to move to Oklahoma.



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