Zimmerman Arrest is a Sham

The idea that George Zimmerman would be arrested for shooting Trayvon Martin is setting itself up as one of the biggest examples of a miscarriage of justice since O.J. Simpson was acquitted.  With the incompetent special prosecutor Angela Corey producing a problematic arrest warrant, it is clear that she is merely pandering to the marauding hordes of lynch mobs calling for his arrest and liberal supporters in an election year.

The ‘lame stream media’ did not even know about this story until a month after and did not even seem to care until shills for the Obama administration brought it to light.  The so called “war on women” charge that the media had been trying to use to bolster Obama’s re-election campaign was not working and they needed something else.   It too was a trumped-up and manufactured premise that made no real sense but started when George Stephanopolis asked Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum if States should be allowed to ban birth control – something that was out of the blue and absolutely nobody had even considered.  So when that didn’t work for them, they went looking and found George Zimmerman.

Suddenly, the liberal media was all a frenzy trying to call Zimmerman a racist who ran down Martin and shot him in cold blood.  It didn’t matter that they didn’t have any of the facts straight.  They even tried to hide some of the facts and change statements by George Zimmerman to sound racist.  What they needed was to get people and other media fired up.  They dragged out Jesse Jackson and then Louis Farrakhan who were perfect to build up the racist charge since they are two of the biggest racists in the country.

Gradually parts of the incorrect story started to get corrected but never entirely.  After all, they aren’t interested in the truth; they’re just pushing an agenda.  There are several motives they are fulfilling, the first of which is giving Obama something to decry on his bully pulpit and ostensibly help his campaign.  Second, they want to point to the “stand your ground” laws as outdated and in need of repeal. And a third grand motive, as is always the case with liberals, is to point to guns and guns used in self-defense as ‘uncivilized’ and unacceptable in today’s liberal society.

Liberal anti-gun groups can’t stand the fact that guns are actually becoming increasingly acceptable in today’s society. More and more average citizens are buying guns and finding them to be an important tool to have available for use as a means of self-defense.  As an added benefit, they also are finding that shooting is fun.

This pendulum swing towards gun ownership and acceptance is frustrating the liberal anti-gun activists.  They try to point to every gun use and an unacceptable condition of society.

I just found today a reference to an article in Pravda West (the New York Times) that tried to claim that there were “almost 100,000 people killed with a gun” last year.  The actual figure is just over 13,000 gun homicides.  Their need to show guns as bad tremendously outweighs any desire to tell the truth.  But I digress.

Once Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan were involved stirring up the masses of sympathizers to a fever pitch, the Black Panthers actually offered a $10,000 bounty for the arrest of George Zimmerman.  Since when is it legal for any political group to place a bounty on a private citizen?  Why didn’t the media cry foul on this atrocity?

So, apparently ‘special prosecutor’ Angela Corey acted with a faulty arrest warrant to appease the activists so bent on seeing an arrest.  It didn’t matter that she had no evidence.  It’s clear in her arrest warrant that she has no evidence.  We pointed that out in our previous article titled “There are Serious Problems with the Zimmerman Arrest”.

On top of that, this is an election year.  She needs to appeal to her liberal base if she wants to be re-elected.  What better way than to arrest a racist child killer.  Unfortunately, this is going to backfire on her.  An acquittal is the only obvious outcome and she is going to be seen as a fool.

This Arrest Warrant looks to be a huge risk for Angela Corey.  It is a sham and total misuse of the courts for a political agenda.



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9 responses to “Zimmerman Arrest is a Sham

  1. Why must everything with you be about Liberal vs Conservative? If that’s the way you classify everything, wouldn’t you say that you lack balance? Don’t you get the idea that we are all people and that there is no fence that separates,but moreso, childish petty thinking as what you spew on your blog. I am all for letting someone use their voice to speak their own truths, but why do you have to create such division? Of course you don’t really want this separation do you?


    • Ericka,

      Glad to see you’re back. You’ve been gone for about a year now I think.

      The fact is that most things like this are already divided down liberal vs. conservative lines. I am merely representing the “balance”. The media that most people go to for news is trying to drive this to fit an outcome that fits their agenda. And let’s face it, the mainstream media is liberal. You cannot deny that. They are the ones creating the division in the first place – not me – by selectively reporting only that which fits in their vision of how they want the story to go, regardless of the real facts, just like NBC who totally rearranged a recording of the 911 call to make it sound like Zimmerman was profiling Martin and a racist.

      I’m just providing the rest of the story that they are ommitting – balancing the argument. You sure won’t get any balance out of the mainstream ‘liberal’ media.


  2. In times past, I would have called myself a Liberal, but now, with age comes a bit more wisdom. You should try to hone in on some of this. You love your titles and you think it makes for a stronger argument. I assure you, it doesn’t. We all know that guns don’t kill people. Just like cars don’t cause crashes. (Unless there is some malfunction). There are a lot of Liberal people who own guns and enjoy the idea that we have them. What isn’t liked is no regulation. This isn’t Western society where we all need guns to protect our land. Why are you still there? Seriously?


    • I know that there some liberals who own guns, but not enough. I live in a very liberal state, government wise, with a 2/3 to 1/3 liberal majority in both houses. They are constantly passing regulation and legislation that with each one, takes away a little more of our freedom. We don’t need more regulation. If you would read more articles here that discuss this, you would know that regulation and gun laws only serve to make our society less safe. It takes guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens who only want to be able to defend themselves. Those who are committing crimes don’t care about gun laws – they’re committing a crime anyway so why would they worry about a law that says they shouldn’t have a gun.

      In every juridisction where guns are all but outlawed, violent crime soars because criminals know that they are facing people who are unarmed. On the flip side, where guns are more common, violent crime is way down. These are just facts.

      I’m just railing against the obvious effort to drive a outcome that is other that what the facts support. Zimmerman acted in self defense only after Martin had him on the ground and tried to grab his gun while he was beating the shit out Zimmerman. Take an honest look at the facts and try not to be so gullable to the media hype who is not being honest themselves.



    • And, oh yeah, I am still here because more people actually think like me than think like you – in spite of the fact that the media trys to make us think otherwise.


  3. Here it is again. You think the defense that you show supports Zimmerman. I declare, it doesn’t. Anyone with common sense knows that Zimmerman was on a witch hunt for blood. He stereotyped this young black boy and followed him. He was told by the 911 operator to STOP, and NOT to follow this kid. He insisted on following, knowing full well he was armed and dangerous. He killed this child in cold blood, Liberal and Conservative, fuck both. The truth is the truth and no matter what argument presented on your blog, he is going down. He had no legal right to pursue anyone. If he thought the kid was dangerous, he should have kept his distance and waited for the cops to arrive. He didn’t and he played the Law. He was out of line. That’s not Liberal Media, boy, that is factual. I don’t watch News Media, and for you to say that people shouldn’t watch anything but conservative news stations because they get a biased opinion when watching other programming, I’d say, Get a life. Seriously, get a life.


    • Wow. You really don’t know any of the facts. But I suppose it doesn’t matter. The court is most likely going to throw the whole case out anyway for insufficient evidence.

      I just have to help you out a little here though. First, the 911 operator did not tell him to stop. His words were “You don’t need to do that”, to which Zimmerman said, “OK”. Zimmerman walked away when Martin, this “child” as you called him who was 6″ taller and 30 pounds heavier than Zimmerman, caught up to him, spun him around and said, “Do you have a problem with me?” Zimmerman replied, “No.” Martin then said, “Well you do now.” and he cold cocked Zimmerman breaking his nose and laying him out on the ground. Martin then jumped on top of him and proceeded to beat Zimmerman and ram his head into the ground. During this he noticed that Zimmerman had a gun and he tried to get it. Zimmerman wrestled it from Martin and shot him. If he hadn’t, he would have been the one in the morgue. Martin became the aggressor and paid the price.

      The whole thing is a horrible unfortunate situation, but there is no way Zimmerman shot him in cold blood. You really should research the facts.



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