Gun Free Zone Kills Again – This Time It’s The Worst In History

Here we go again. 50 people killed this time and 53 more were injured in a “Gun Free Zone” in Orlando, Florida.  The people never had a chance.  The gay bar, Pulse Nightclub, where all of this went down was posted with “No Guns Allowed” signs.  In addition, Florida law prohibits guns in an establishment that serves alcohol.

gun free killing zoneThis is to some degree, preventable.  Our lawmakers and politicians continue to believe that our society needs what they call “gun free zones”, ostensibly to keep guns out of the building, arena, or gathering place. But are criminals or terrorists going to care about that?  Well not so far as not taking a weapon into the place goes. In fact, they know that it makes for an easy target.  Terrorists will continue to target Gun Free Zones as long as they exist. Let’s face it, Gun Free Zones are    Killing Zones.     As is the case for San Bernardino, Chatanooga, Charleston, Aurora, Sandy Hook Elementary,

Stop the Madness. Eliminate Gun Free Zones

Stop the Madness. Eliminate Gun Free Zones

Fort Hood and others, if only one person was there with a concealed carry gun of their own, he may have had an opportunity to take out the shooter.  If two had been there it would have been even a better chance that the killing could have been stopped.  As it was, the shooter did not stop until someone else with a gun showed up, which is always the case.  In this case, it was police who showed up and killed the gunman.

Omar MateenThe gunman, Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, was heard shouting “Allah Akbar” while engaging officers.  Additionally, he called 911 in the middle of the shooting spree to claim allegiance to ISIS and the Islamic State.  In spite of this, the President still refused to refer to it as Islamic Terrorism in any form.  He did at least call it a terrorist act.  More than we have heard before. But he also had to call and act of hate because it was a gay bar. He couldn’t just go with terrorism since that is a given.  ISIS actually claimed responsibility. The hate part is not known.  Obama jumped to that conclusion on his own.

Rest assured that it will be a matter of minutes before we hear from Hillary Clinton blaming the so called easy access to firearms and the need to ban assault rifles.  Obama has already made reference to the need to review gun laws and make guns harder to obtain.

What is amazing, this shooter was known to the FBI and on a FBI terrorism watch list and yet he was able to go into a gun dealer this week and buy his weapons.  What good is the FBI watch list if he was able to purchase whatever he wanted?  The government is culpable this time.

We must eliminate Gun Free Zones.  They are Killing Zones.  Never go to one without your own weapon.

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  1. Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal and commented:
    Demand, Constitutional Carry & Stand Your Ground, to be unified as one law, and to be made Law-of-the-Land, now!
    Orlando, was only a wake-up call. There will undoubtedly be more and worse incidents. These sort of things only get worse. They do not get better. Constitutional Carry & Stand Your Ground, now, before things get Out of Hand.


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