Should We Just Give Up Our Rights? Surrender Our Guns?

Today, a week after the horrific slaughter in Orlando, the battle lines have clearly been drawn. Problem is, the Liberal Democrats seem to be better at staying focused on their agenda and hype. They seem to keep the drum beat for Gun Control banging in every direction you look.

The Liberals want to take the guns out of our hands and the Republicans believe we need to fight the war to defeat terrorism – “Militant Islamic Terrorism”.

Obama at PodiumThe idea of people walking around with concealed carry weapons is abhorrent to our President.  Obama actually said “the notion that the answer to this tragedy would be to make sure that more people in a nightclub are similarly armed to take out the killer defies common sense.”, – his words.  More correctly, his statement defies common sense.  People with their own weapons in the club could have    definitely changed the outcome of the club shooting.

The Liberals want us to just lay down our guns, turn them in, and not be able to buy them again. That is just playing into the enemy’s hand. We want to kill and otherwise neutralize the enemy. We feel it is better to be armed to do that.

So would it make any sense at all for us to shout out to our enemy, “LAY DOWN YOUR WEAPONS AND SURRENDER!” Do you think they would do it? NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Then why do the Democrat Liberals want us to do that? Why does our President want us to do this?

Our President wakes up every day surrounded with mounting evidence of his failed policies and news stories of ISIL gaining ground around the world. The only thing he can do to deflect the calls for action on his part is to obfuscate, deny, and re-direct the attention away from him. He says that for the Right (conservatives) to be so focused on whether he uses the term “Radical or Militant Islamists” is “a distraction”, in his words. More precisely, his incessant drum beat for more gun control and banning “weapons of war” (as he now calls them) is the distraction away from the real truth. The real truth is that Radical Militant Islamic Terrorists are coming. And he wants us to lay down our arms and surrender. BULLSHIT!!!

Syrian RefugeesPresident Obama wants to distract us away from what he has going on in the background. He is trying to bring in as many Muslim based immigrants into our country as he can, as fast as he can. He tells us that they are mostly women and children, and he is speeding up the process.  Just since last weekend’s terrorist attack on the Pulse gay bar in Orlando, 500 Syrian refugees have been allowed into the country.

ISIS Combatants - Kids

Women and Children

Our own Director of the CIA, John Brennan warned us, just the other day, that ISIS intends to infiltrate the Syrian refugee population.  He further said, “We judge that ISIL is training and attempting to deploy operatives for further attacks,”

My head almost exploded a minute ago when I heard a clip on TV of Joy Bayhar on the View where she actually said, “Trump is basically the Recruiter in Chief.  He is basically working with ISIS to Kill Us.  He is bringing them to us to kill us.”  All of that statement is true, except one word – Trump.  The correct word is Obama.  It should read, “Obama is actually the Recruiter in Chief.  He is basically working with ISIS to Kill Us.  He is bringing them to us to kill us.”   HE REALLY IS BRINGING THEM IN.  See below.

The Department of Homeland Security released statistics that show the Obama Administration has issued 832,000 green cards to Muslim-Majority countries through the end of FY 2014.   That is just through the end of 2014 and doesn’t even include 2015 or this year. He is on track to issue more than 1 million green cards to them. He probably already has.ISIS Combatants

I think he really wants us to JUST GIVE UP AND SURRENDER.  He really is bringing them to us to kill us.   He is trying to destroy this country.

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