The U. S. A. is Number ONE – in Gun Ownership

Proof Positive for the Liberal Left Antis that we need to Ban Guns.

Every time there is a horrific mass gun killing like we had in Orlando, the rabid left wing of our countries political governance, starts immediately crying for more gun control. They pull out their arsenal of agenda topics, their most favorite rant, Gun Control. House Sit-in (3)This time the Liberals in the House of Representatives weighed in, apparently thinking they were back in the ’60s, as they staged a meaningless and embarrassing “sit in” on the floor of the House.  They point to our sick, twisted obsession with personal gun possession in this country, our fanatical gun culture that is embarrassing to them when compared to their socialist European friends with highly superior gun control laws. We must be the most murdering country in the world, especially after Orlando.

So if we look at the statistics you would expect to find us at the top of the list. And yes, according to statistics for 2014, the United States tops the list in Glory. We are indeed ranked number 1 in the world with gun ownership at 90 guns per 100 people or .9 per person.  Foam FingerIf you had a random gathering of 1000 people, and you got an honest tally of how may guns they own among them, according to the statistics you would find 900 guns in the crowd. Amazing. The next country does not even come close with almost half as many guns at 58.2 guns per 100 people and that would be Serbia. Even Switzerland, where gun ownership almost required, is ranked fourth behind us with only 45.7 guns per 100 people.

There you have it. Something of which Rick Wyatt, Paige Wyatt and the entire crew at Gunsmoke Guns would be proud.  It is proof positive that the United States with their fanatical obsession with guns tops the list by far and we have far too many guns. This is surely evidence to the Progressive Left that they surely do live in the murder capital of the world with 90 guns per 100 residents. We must be the most murderous country in the world with those numbers.

So using Liberal gun thinking, all we have to do to prove the left wing Progressive case for banning guns is look at the Per Capita Intentional Homicide statistics for the murder rate in the world. Surely we must top that list as well. We should be number 1 again. Right?  Wrong.  We are     paige-wyatt-4a1not number one in Murders. That distinction goes to Honduras with 90 murders per 100,000 people. Quite high. Little ol’ Socialist, gun controlled Honduras. Even though the United States has by far the most guns per capita in the World, we do not have the highest rate of murders.

So we must be number 2. No. We are not second either. That would be Venezuela. Another Socialist, Gun Controlled, Progressive country comes in second. In fact, we did not even make the top 5, or the top 10. Looking down the list, we aren’t even the top 20, or 30. We didn’t even make the top 50, or the top 80. Further down the list we look and we did not even make the top 100. Out of the 218 nations and territories on the list, murderville USA, is listed in 111th place with 4.7 murders per 100,000 population. We are listed in the bottom half of the list for murders per capita.

Nearly all, if not all of the nations listed higher that us are Big State Socialist countries with strict Gun Control laws. How tragically disappointed our moral superiors must be with that news.

But the news gets even worse for the defenders of our morals, the Progressive Left when we realize that the 4.7 murders per 100,000 is only that high because of a few highly violent, Liberally governed Cities that are struggling with violent crime. Topping that list for 2014 is Detroit, the Democrat run bastion of Liberalism and modern Utopia created out of the high minds of the Progressive Left with extremely strict Gun Control Laws. Detroit has been run by the Democrats since 1962 and as a consequence it has 54.6 murders per 100,000 residents. If Detroit were a country it would just beat Venezuela and be second behind Honduras. Remember, the U.S. National Average is 4.7 per 100K in 111th place.

And then there is New Orleans at 53.2 murders per 100K running a close second to Detroit. St. Louis is 35.5 per 100K. The 4.7 average for the United States includes cities such as Baltimore at 34.9, Newark at 34.4, Chicago at 33.9 and Oakland at 31.8. All of these cities are killing their own citizens at a rate that rivals many countries. And all of these big cities are run by Progressive, Utopian, Liberal thinking governments that have enacted the most draconian gun control laws in the country.

So what about the cities that boast the highest gun ownership per capita. Surely, they must be just as bad. As it turns out, Plano, Texas, in the heart of the gun capital has a skyrocketing murder rate of 0.4 per 100K. Plano, Texas where they have arguably every type of gun there from AR-15, AK-47, semi-automatic .308 rifles, 30-06 rifles, Winchester lever action rifles, 45 cal. handguns, 9 MM handguns. Nearly every household is surely going to have a selection of .22 caliber rifles for the kids to practice with, pellet guns, BB guns, knives, spears, swords, pointy rocks and every manner of weapon to be able to dispatch their neighbors and yet they have a murder rate of 0.4 persons per 100,000 people. Plano, Texas that has a population of about 270,000 people must have had 1 murder in 2014.  There are very few gun control laws here. How can this be so?  Chicago has about 50 – 60 murders a week.

But wait, there’s more. Lincoln, NE has more at 1.1 murders per 100K. Henderson, NV is at 1.5 and Mesa, AZ has 3.1. All of the least controlled gun cultures, with the most permissive cities in the most permissive States in the Union have low murder rates, lower than the National Average. Imagine if we were to remove the Gun Control Laws that oppress the Law Abiding Citizens in our large inner cities and allow them to arm themselves to defend themselves from the rampant carnage that plagues our cities. The bad guys would get the message that you don’t want to mess with Granny any more – she might shoot you.

Repeal the Gun Control Laws here in the United States and let us defend ourselves. Take the handcuffs off of the Law Abiding Citizenry.  It is much more effective, cheaper, and will make the country safe again.

Gun Enthusiast

Acknowledgements:  I need to credit Bill Whittle with much of the statistics in this article.  Bill Whittle provides important insight to the problems plaguing America now, with his “Firewall” series of videos that you can view on You Tube, or better yet, become a member at

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