Is the Constitution Outdated?

I had someone stop by here asking if the Second Amendment, and thereby the Constitution I assume, is outdated. The Constitution after all, was written back in the eighteenth century by a bunch of guys who aren’t around any more, back when they still used muskets and black powder pistols. How could this Constitution they put together apply today? It does not speak to today so how can it still be relevant?Signing the Constitution

Well, I suppose that is correct in one sense that the Constitution does not speak to today.  For that matter it did not speak to the late eighteenth century either.  It speaks to men, man if you will, acknowledging that we are imperfect, and that whenever power is given to one man, say a king, emperor or dictator, it corrupts.  Power will turn the ambition of most men who achieve power to that of personal enrichment, just as we see what is happening in our government today, unfortunately.  That is why so many of the Republican leadership do not want Trump to become President, even if it means electing Hillary.  Trump represents someone who could upset their gravy train and ruin the good thing they have going for themselves.  He could be their spoiler.  But I digress.

The Constitution tries to limit the corruption of power by allowing us to chose the ones who will govern us, from the people – not a ruling class or family (So what about Hillary?, you say – again I digress – sorry).  It further sets out to limit      the power any one man may have, and thereby limit the affect of any corruption, if any, by separating power into three branches of government, thereby creating checks and balances on the men in government.

The Constitution, in the wisdom of the founders, tells us what the government ‘may not do’ as it governs us at our behest and provides for us laws for all men, not just a few.   The Constitution attempts to limit the amount of power government may wield over us.  It guarantees for us, inalienable rights given to us by God.

On the Throne (2)Unfortunately, more and more, our leaders are career politicians, perhaps starting off as lawyers or businessmen, but once elected to office, they make it their new career choice as they find just how lucrative it can be if they ‘play their cards right’.

The founders of the Constitution believed that our leaders, once chosen from the people, would not receive so much money that would make them financially independent.  Rather they were to keep whatever business they came from, in tact so they had ‘skin in the game’ so to speak.  And then once their term was up, they would return to it, allowing someone new to fill the space, and then have to live and work with the laws they passed.  But alas, as I said in the foregoing, too many men succumb to the temptation of power, the riches it can provide and never go back.

God did not write the Constitution, as Tom Delay once said – Men did.  Men who acknowledged God and the freedoms that He alone could bestow on men.  God gave us life.  In that he gave the right to life and the right to defend one’s life.  He gave us Liberty, the right to live our lives as we choose, pursuing happiness, and the right to speak our minds without retribution from government.  Only Man can take those away, and the Constitution sought to assure that it does not happen without due process of law.   But God did not give us the right to govern, a right to wealth, housing, food or even a right to “health care”.

There are no ‘Economic Rights’ either as FDR once proposed.  The Constitution guarantees inalienable rights, not rights to outcome.  Every man is different with different aspirations and abilities.  Some men will be able to excel more that others, but one must work for their own outcome; not have it bestowed upon them.  So there is no right to a job, right to remuneration without work, right to food or even health.  There is no right to health or health care.  That is a man made concept.  More correctly, it is a Liberal Democrat concept.

Gun & ConstitutionMore and more we see Liberal politicians and pundits expound on how the Constitution is outdated.  The Second Amendment is surely outdated.  After all, there is no longer a need for citizens to rise up to protect their country.  We have a standing Federal Army for that (something the Founders did not want).  But we do have a right to life and the right to defend our lives with whatever means necessary, including a gun.  It is a God given Right, dammit and the Second Amendment guarantees it.

We also see Liberals try to legislate away our right to free speech saying that someone might be offended if we speak certain words – political correctness and all that rot.  So I guess the First Amendment is outdated too.  But Liberal journalists sure love it though as they hide behind it whenever they can.   I guess they only love it so far as it protects them but don’t you say anything to criticize them.  There was actually a push recently to make it illegal to speak ill of Islam or criticize Muhammad.

And the idea that we remove every vestige of God from our Government buildings, schools, and exclude Christmas, calling it ‘The Holidays’, is ridiculous.  The First Amendment did not try to deny the existence of God or intend for us to deny God from our proceedings.   It merely endeavored to guarantee the right to worship in whatever way we choose, whatever Religion we choose.  Government may not tell you how to worship, who to worship or even that you must worship at all.  But our Founders recognized and acknowledged God and wanted God to be a part of our Government such that God represents that which is Good.  Remove God and you are left with Evil.

Constitution w Feather QuillSo hell no, the Constitution of the United States is not outdated. The Constitution is not perfect.  It was created by imperfect men.  We do have the ability to change it.  If you think you have enough people thinking like you do, you can change it.  But don’t go trying to get the Judiciary to create the outcome you seek – something of which we have seen a lot lately with Liberal judges writing law from the bench and denying laws that have been passed by the people by incorrectly interpreting the Constitution.  God help us if Hillary is elected and appoints Liberal judges to the SCOTUS and elsewhere.   The Constitution will truly be in jeopardy.  It is not outdated.  It has real value as having created the greatest country on the face of the earth, in all of history.  It is such a special, different country than any other country on earth.  If we lose the Constitution, we will, in time, become like every other third world dictatorship.  God Bless the United States of America.

Gun Enthusiast

Update – 11/09/16:  Thank God that Hillary was NOT elected.  Our Constitution appears to be safe for at least another 4 to 8 years.


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6 responses to “Is the Constitution Outdated?

  1. Are you serious? Lol I must challenge you on the religion of our founding fathers. I GET what you’re trying to say, but Take religion away and you have FREEDOM and less war. I’m under the impression that if you wrote this blog, then surely you must know about The Conversion. Yes the Constitution is outdated. Listen I understand also how one who is religious could feel that GOD is the only reason our country stands today. But you said that if we took away god , that all we’d have is evil. Hmmm really? Old Testament Cain and Abel, God is present, god is the creator, Cain STILL kills Abel. Also, you have to know that GOD CREATED EVIL. God as a religious belief is just a means to control the us. Many of our founding fathers were NOT religious at all. They were Deist. Especially not in the sense of Jesus, or biblical reverence. They weren’t Christians. Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison…. you don’t have to be a god believer to be a good person. King James Bible
    “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.” Isaiah 45:7, so even with God, we still would be EVIL. After all, he created it. I’m Atheist by the way. Nice to meet you.


    • Wow! Where to begin. Serious? You bet your a– I’m serious. Taking religion away does not give you Freedom. Freedom comes from lack of Government. A Government that curtails you’re abilities and aspirations with burdensome laws and regulations takes your Freedom with every law. And what the Constitution set out to provide was a government that is limited, allowing Freedom to be paramount. Of course that has changed greatly in nearly 230 years as we now have to endure our Government trying to control nearly every aspect of our lives, believing we are too stupid to run our own lives and they need to do it for us, because they know better. But the Constitution is not outdated. It is what we need to get back to more directly.

      The Founders believed that the principles of Christianity were very helpful in supporting a free society. But some of them were in fact Deists, believing in a supreme being and Creator. Deism was popular in the 17th and 18th centuries. Thomas Jefferson though, was a Christian. He disagreed with some aspects of Christianity but he was Christian. In his inaugural address he made a big point of saying, “I am really supportive of the religious views that Americans, as a whole, share.” The Founders as a group thought that Christianity as it was understood in America, at least in it’s moral teaching, was something that was not only valuable but deserved government support. It was important to recognize God in our Governmental foundation as most people were God fearing, not always Christian, but religion was part of their lives. After all many of the original settlers left England and the King just for religious freedom.

      But this article was not so much about God as it was about the Constitution, it’s origin and how it still stands the test of time. In fact I am not necessarily what you would call a ‘Religious Person’ but I believe in God and recognize His value in my life. And I see how, as Liberals attempt to remove God from our society, we become more lawless, and disrespectfull as a society. Anything goes anymore. Morals have declined, there is little respect for the law, marriage is less common, families are rarely intact with both parents raising children, we are expected to embrace homosexuality, and now trans genderism is being rammed down our throats.

      You indirectly prove my statement in the article where you quote, “…so even with God, we still would be EVIL.” So it follows that without God, all that is left is Evil. Recognizing that there can be evil in men, when you have God in society help to curb Evil, we have a balance. Religion does not control us, but Government does seek to control us and it gets worse everyday.

      As I stated in the post, the Constitution is not outdated. It has real value as having created the greatest country on the face of the earth, in all of history. If I had all the money I would ever need, there is no other country in the world where I would rather live.

      Thank you for your comment.



      • If I had all the money in the world I’d get out of here IMMEDIATELY. SEE, I’m Atheist and I’m a bit Communist in my thinking. I believe we need MORE government. Less is why the country is as screwed up as it is. I can’t argue about Thomas Jefferson, he’s dead, it doesn’t matter. I know you’re going to CENSOR this comment. Another thing I don’t like about this country. There is NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH. People insist on monitoring you and your behavior. We are ADULTS. Let us be. You wouldn’t even curse on your own website. Lol come on. Live a little. We will agree to disagree. You know that.


        • First off, I would like to welcome an admitted Communist to leave this country. That is something of which we need fewer. This country is so screwed up because of the Liberal Progressives that have run a muck in the past century, trying to break down the Freedom that originated with this country.

          Most of the censorship you are seeing today comes from the Left creating “politically incorrect” police, so to speak. People are vilified for speaking their own minds only to have the media point at one small portion as ‘out of line’ in their opinion, instead of considering the whole of what their point is.

          You seem to enjoy Freedom of Speech every day, in your own blog and even here. I would never censor you Erika (more than a word or two if it got too profane). You and I have always enjoyed healthy discussions over the years. and yes, we do agree to disagree – a lot. True, I choose not to curse (most of the time) as I still believe in maintaining a level of decorum in public. I guess it is my moral upbringing.

          Good to hear from you.



        • Did you just say I’m not welcome in America? 🙂 you want me to leave?


        • No, I did not mean that. I just meant, since you would leave immediately if you could, that I would welcome you or any communist to do so. It is not a personal attack. You are always welcome. Although, I would probably miss you and our discussions.


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