Hillary Clinton is the Vile Criminal – Not Trump

Yesterday, Friday, October 7, 2016, the Democrats and the Liberal Media released a video showing Donald Trump riding a bus from “Access Hollywood”, during which he was making some sophomoric, crude statements about a women. It was not pretty and showed him to be less than respectful toward women. It does not make me proud of him, at least for that time and place eleven years ago.


Holly-er Than Thou

Liberal media outlets now are falling all over themselves with the news, trying to make this the attack that finally takes Trump out. Hillary and the media have been throwing everything they can at him, trying to take him out and hoping something will stick.  They think they have it now.  They know that they cannot compete with him in the arena of ideas so all they can do is attack him.

The truth of the matter  is   that what Trump did more than eleven years ago pales in comparison to the vile, reprehensible things that Hillary has done over the years. Look back to Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinski, when Bill Clinton was running amuck raping, groping and having extramarital sex with anything that moved. But this is not about Bill, it is about Hillary.

Hillary, who sets herself up as a champion for women saying that all victims of sexual predation should be protected, believed and set up as true victims, actually went to each of these women and threatened them with their lives to be silent about what Bill did. Hillary destroyed these women in the press calling them everything under the sun. In the case of Juanita Broaddrick, who was actually raped by Bill Clinton, she was actually threatened with her life by Hillary if she didn’t keep quiet and recant her story.

And the Libs are upset about what Trump said eleven years ago.

Now Hillary says that “we cannot allow this man (Trump) to become President” knowing full well that while her own husband was President, she was allowing Monica Lewinski to give him oral sex under the desk in the Oval Office.

hillary-clinton-002Let us also not forget all of the other crimes in which Hillary has participated, including having a private email account set up on a server in her bathroom, from which she sent and received all official State Department emails, thereby allowing foreign governments to hack ‘Secure Confidential’ communication and compromise the security of the United States. Then, on top of that she “Obstructed Justice” by deleting over 33,000 email from her server after Congress had delivered a subpoena for them, using a program called “Bleachbit”.

And the Libs are upset about what Trump said eleven years ago.

But Hillary’s indiscretions don’t stop there. She accepted huge sums of money from foreign sources to be sent to her ‘Clinton Crime Family Foundation’, giving the donors special access to the Department of State and receiving special attention or action for their money. This same Foundation that ostensibly does ‘so much good work’ for charities has a 10% pass through rate for the donations, which means that only $10 of every $100 actually becomes a donation. Ninety percent of the donations go to funding Clinton salaries and expenses. All other Foundations and charitable organizations average a 90% pass through rate with only 10% going to operating costs.

And the Libs are upset about what Trump said eleven years ago.

And then there is Benghazi. Her actions, or rather her inaction, which caused 4 Americans, including our Ambassador to Libya, to lose their lives, was not actually a crime of legal nature but it was a crime of morality and character. She was worried more about how it would look to the Libyan people send military help for the Embassy, than she was worried about their safety and their lives.

And the Libs are upset about what Trump said eleven years ago.

I am so tired of the blatant, obvious double standard by which the Liberal Democrats and the Liberal Media operate. They don’t even try to hide it any more.  They seem to be proud of it.

It is Hillary Clinton whom we cannot allow to become President and corrupt even further the Government of the United States.  They want us to over look all of her criminal activity and put her in charge of the government.  But we cannot allow her to compromise the safety of American citizens as she has shown that she has little regard for our Government’s Security. We cannot allow her to poison the Supreme Court of the United States with Liberal judges who will gut the Second Amendment of the Constitution, and uphold every Progressive ‘give away’ of taxpayer money that comes before them for the next forty years.  She has to be defeated.

What Donald Trump said eleven years ago affected his personal life.  It did not affect the people of the United States and it was not a criminal act.  Hillary Clinton’s actions were criminal and have compromised the safety and security of all Americans.  Given that this has been going on for over 30 years, it demonstrates that she cannot be trusted with the security and safety of the American people in her hands.

Donald Trump is working for the betterment of all American people as much today as he was two weeks ago and will be working as President.  We must allow him to demonstrate what Real Leadership will do for this country.

God Bless the United States of America.


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7 responses to “Hillary Clinton is the Vile Criminal – Not Trump

  1. Confusing (confused) piece of writing, Bodrie. You seem to believe that sexual assaults Trump described doing 11 years ago should be dismissed, but then call us back to things Hillary Clinton is alleged to have done to women that are older than that. Makes no sense.
    Second, use Google and vett your information through multiple sources. Your statement that the Clinton Foundation has a pass through rate of only 10% is been widely debunked as a fib. The pass through rate is reported by multiple sources to be around 89% – a very good rate for a large charitable organization. Read more at http://www.factcheck.org/2015/06/where-does-clinton-foundation-money-go/


    • If you check the article, I do not suggest that his ‘comments’ should be dismissed. And they were merely comments, not assaults as Bill Clinton engaged in. I am suggesting that in the overall scheme of things, what he did is nothing to what Hillary has been doing for decades; engaged in illegal activity. He made comments. She is breaking the law.


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      • Bodrie, Trump himself said, on tapes, that he grabbed women’s private parts, kissed them without permission, and purposely walked in on them while they were dressing. Some of his claims describing his own actions meet the definition of sexual assault, others sound more like harassment. Surely there is a better excuse for all this than “Well the Clintons…” You can always find someone who has done something worse. That doesn’t make bad behavior OK… Or does it?
        As to Hillary Clinton. She has been investigated, and investigated and investigated. Apparently those investigations – many of them headed by Republican officials or Republican appointees – didn’t reach the conclusions you wanted them to reach.
        I can’t help you with that. Not everything in life goes the way you are I wish it would go. It doesn’t mean that life is crooked, or there is a conspiracy.
        Anyway, and I say this sincerely, good luck to you and your candidates. Hopefully tonight’s debate will provide further insights.
        Kind regards,


        • Jack,

          Trump’s braggadocio is not uncommon with some men and is not evidence that he has engaged in these things. As a Navy man yourself you should know this. Men who do this often embellish their claims. So this is just ‘hear say’.

          But Hillary’s criminal activity has been confirmed by the FBI. Comey just didn’t want to recommend prosecution because he is likely being pressured by the Administration not to, and that goes to the level of corruption the Clintons are engaged in. As I said in the article, if she is elected, the corruption will be unopposed.


        • “with some men” granted. But I can tell you, Bodrie, point blank, that among the many sailors and marines I personally counted among my friends back in the day, and the former marines and sailors I continue to count among my friends, NONE of them use this kind of language to talk about women and NONE of them have every bragged about assaulting women. You and I travel in quite different circles. Regards, Jack


  2. Alejandro

    Thank you for posting this. I am a Hispanic American and citizen. I was born here but my parents came here (legally I might add) from Guatemala many years ago, and I have been fortunate to benefit from their hard work to raise me and my four sisters, and put me through college. My parents are good people and instilled me a love for God and Jesus that I use to guide me in my life.

    It is painfully obvious to me that Hillary Clinton is so criminal that she should not be allowed anywhere near the White House. She works to censor or mute anyone who speaks of their religion and actively tries to destroy the Church.

    The Trump video that they uncovered does not come close to the criminal activity that Hillary has been involved in and continues to be involved in. These Wiki leak emails coming out now are showing that she is so deeply involved in corruption, along with media establishment and political establishment that she should go to jail.

    Mr. Trump should be the one to turn around the downward spiral that country seems to be in. I am proud of his plan to help Hispanics and the inner cities. This is one “Mexican” who is voting for Trump.


    • Alejandro,

      I am proud of you, for standing up and making this statement about what is in your heart. I don’t know if it was hard for you but for many in the Hispanic community, it might be difficult to say what you said for fear of retribution. I hope you don’t live with any fear like that. Thank you for your comment.



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