WE WON! Trump To Be President

Well, we did it. We moved Donald J. Trump into the end zone with a near landslide election. The election of Donald Trump as President is a repudiation of the Liberal Democrat agenda and an overwhelming repudiation of Obama Care which is one of the main planks in his platform. This election was a repudiation of Democrats and Liberals in general.  People are just tired of stats that show 65 million people now on Food Stamps and 18 million of those are just since the Obama Presidency.  We have had the worst economic recovery since the 1930s.  Republicans won races all across the nation.  With Obama we have not had a GDP increase above 3%  for any year.

Donald Trump won an huge majority of the states excepting the Liberal northeast and the west coast.  California with the millions of illegal aliens allowed to vote came in with an unrealistic vote count of 61% to 38%, largely because of the registration system that now allows you register online with no proof of citizenship or documentation of any kind.


And now it  galls me that the Liberals are crying for elimination of     the Electoral College. But this is the reason the Founders created the Electoral College so that small geographic areas of people in high populations centers cannot run rough shod over every one else. When you look at the Electoral Map you see that 95% of the map shows Red.

We (I and several of my family) were discussing this phenomenon yesterday at a family dinner gathering, and how it is clear to see what the divergence of Red v. Blue represents on the map. What we realized is that it clearly points to the Producers v. Non producers, or the Givers v. the Takers. It is obvious that it is the Red states that produce goods, products and food for those who live in the Blue states. The Liberals are always looking for what the government can give to them. They look for more Welfare, Food Stamps, and free Health Care from the government.

We have 65 million people now on Food Stamps – 18 million more people than before Obama became President and he is proud of that. The health care system known as Obama Care is collapsing under its own weight because there are so many more people getting free or subsidized health care than there are those working and paying into the system.  At some point you run out of other people’s money to give to the people who don’t work.  Wealth redistribution does not work.

This country was once Great where most Americans realized that the way to get ahead in this country was to work hard and look to no one for a handout. Then came Progressivism. The Government started taking more money from the producers and giving it to the takers under the guise of compassion for the down trodden. Granted, there are indeed some who need help to get them through a low spot or help them with life in general because they are truly in need.

But too many people have learned how to game the system. Six in ten black children grow up without a father largely because the mother can get more money from the government if the father is not around. Women are having more and more children to get the most free money available from the government.

Hillary’s plan was to continue down this road to oblivion and bankruptcy, while Trump’s plan is to put people back to work and thereby bring our economy back. He wants to lower taxes putting more money back into the economy and putting people to work. The money that this will bring to the government in income tax will more than make up for the revenue lost to tax cuts.

Then there is the issue of Hillary’s criminal activity. First she set up a private server through which she would send and receive all of her Secretary of State emails. She set this up to hide the illegal activity that she had going on with the Clinton Crime Family Foundation where she accepted millions of dollars from foreign governments and granted access to herself and the U.S. Government for their donations. At least 5 foreign governments hacked into her email giving them access to U.S. State secrets. In my opinion, she should be arrested for treason.

All in all, I think the country wanted to see the country go in a different direction than it has been. In addition, they are tired of the corruption that is rampant in our government. Trump promises to change that. Trump does not lie. Hillary can’t help it and lies whenever she speaks. She is now trying to blame FBI Director James Comey for her losing the election, forgetting that she is the one who did it to herself with her criminal activity.  I was noticing during the campaign that every time Hillary was speaking and denigrating Trump, she was really talking about herself, almost as if it was some sort of absolution to talk about herself and say it was Trump, because everything she said was 180 degrees out of phase.

Finally! She's leaving.

Finally! She’s leaving.

Alas, we will now give Donald Trump a chance to make good on his promises. I am excited over the prospects. That we will finally be able to get our economy back on track after 8 years of Obama and less than 3% growth. This country excelled after Reagan. President Bill Clinton enjoyed a robust economy because of Reagan. We will likely see similar results from Trump. That is something about which to be proud.  Plus, the Supreme Court is safe,  and the Second Amendment will be safe from Liberals trying to gut it at the Federal level.  And now, an overwhelming majority of the governments across and throughout the country are Republican or Conservative – the most since the 1920s.  The Senate, House, State Legislatures, 33 out of 50 Governors, and City governments, across the nation are now predominantly conservative.   Democrats have control of Legislatures and Governorships in only 5 states.  And of course, California is one of those as it lost to the Liberals thanks to all of the illegals.  But we can hope pray for change.

God Bless the United States of America.

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