Conceived in the notion that shooting is fun, The Gun Enthusiast Speaks blog is dedicated to bring news and information on the shooting experience to all who have an interest, promote safe gun practice and handling, introduce novices to different gun types, and protect our constitutional right to own and shoot firearms.  We hope to engage in healthy discussion of our gun rights, and the efforts by Government to curtail those rights.  We recognize that safety and responsible gun ownership is paramount to any gun owner.  We encourage all responsible, law abiding citizens to educate themselves on gun handling and secure the Comfort of Skill at Arms for the protection of themselves, their families and their communities.

One response to “About

  1. Gerald C Person

    Thanks for the information on this site.
    Just an FYI, I contacted Mark Rubio, Fl. And asked him to support the reciprocity legislation currently up for passage. He was very supportive and will do everything in his power to have it passed


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