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Has “Top Shot” Turned Into a Popularity Contest?

This last episode of Top Shot gave me mixed emotions. On the one hand, watching them get to shoot the .50 caliber Barrett M107 was envious.  It is one serious weapon that shoots the large .50 caliber BMG projectile a long way down range.  To make it even better, every time they sent a round down range that hit its mark, the target, which was an incendiary target, would explode.  But in the end, George’s arrogant parting comments, left me with a bad taste in my mouth and a desire to see him gone.

Their task for this episode was to be the fastest at shooting a target that was 1000 yards away.  Brian “Gunny” Zins ended up winning that task with a time of 26 seconds, but it took him 3 shots to hit the target.  George, who has suddenly become even more cocky than he was before, did hit target in one shot, but his time was longer than that of Gunny.  Jamie got it in 4 shots but actually beat George’s time.  Joe Sarafini missed every shot and timed out without ever hitting the target.

So if this competition were based on shooting ability demonstrated at the challenge event you might think that Joe, who didn’t even hit the target, would be going to the elimination round, along with Ashley who took 1:40 to finally hit the target.  But, the good ol boys club of ex-military has been dying to get rid of the last “civilian” contestant – Jay Lim.  So Jay received the most votes for the elimination round.  But, what about Joe Sarafini?  He couldn’t even hit the target.  Nobody voted for Joe.  Instead, they voted for Jamie, who came in second in the challenge.  This has now become a ‘popularity contest’, more than a shooting competition.  Jay has always done respectably well in nearly all of the competitions, in spite of having no formal gun training and some unorthodox shooting habits.  And Jamie’s second place finish in the competition event should have counted for something.

The Last Civilian

In the end, Jay lost out to Jamie and was sent home, leaving only military alumni in the house.  But even though Jamie won the elimination round, he feels that he was seriously disrespected by the others. I, for one, don’t blame him. And George’s arrogant, condescending comments showed us his true colors; that he is a “Top Jerk”.


Note:  If you think you like to audition to be a contestant on “Top Shot”  click here.


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